A World of People

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A World of People

April 6-May 6, 2018
Opening reception Friday, April 6, 6-8PM

Works by:
Sam Bornstein
Lindsay M. Burke
Madeline Donahue
Delphine Hennelly
Kate Klingbeil
Francesca Lo Russo
Gahee Park
Katie Rubright
Lily Wong

Philip Guston Talking (1978)

“I was talking at Harvard and one graduate student thought that I was attacking minimal painting. I guess I had used the term “stripes” but I said, “No, you’ve got it all wrong.” There would be absolutely no way to prove that paintings of things and objects, real and imagined, are better than stripes. One couldn’t prove it, and I’d be the last to maintain that one could. All I can say is that when I leave the studio and get back to the house and think about what I did, then I like to think that I’ve left a world of people in the studio. A world of people. In fact they are more real than the world I see.”

These artists use imagined human forms to explore themes of sex, love, solitude, political anxiety, longing, and humor. The characters they invent–less precise than a portrait but more specific than motif–demonstrate to the viewer each artist’s private psychological and formal concerns.

Image: Lily Wong

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