Joy Decision

press release

Underdonk Presents:
J o y D e c i s i o n

October 20th – November 19th 2017
Opening Reception: October 20th, 7 – 9PM
Performances on Friday November 10th, 8-9PM

Damali Abrams
Aya Uekawa
Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow
Sarada Rauch
Andre Springer
Rachel Eulena Williams

“You are an extension of the power that created the whole universe. You are God in drag. You are dressed up in this outfit of a body, which is temporary. You are eternal. You are forever. You are unchanged. And this is a dream you’re having. So don’t get to attached to it. Make love. Love people. Be sweet. Have corn dogs. Dance. Live. Love. Fuck shit up. But it’s all good. You can’t fuck it up because you’re eternal.”

This show is an ode of sorts to RuPaul, a performer who inspires many as a cultural icon, artist and guru. Bringing a range of both media and approaches, Joy Decision takes a cue from Rupaul’s philosophy to present artists who subvert dominant paradigms with a sense of irreverence, purpose and joy.

Curated by Georgia Elrod

Underdonk is an artist-run project space in Brooklyn, NY (L train to Jefferson Stop)
Address: 1329 Willoughby Avenue
Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 12- 6PM, and by appointment

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