Slow Hello

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Slow Hello: Andrew D. Moeller and Sun You

February 19th – March 21, 2016

Opening Reception: Friday, February 19 7-10pm

Underdonk is pleased to present the work of Andrew D. Moeller and Sun You.

An ordinary wall sits still when painted.
If approached, a wall is a pattern and a barrier.
Order magnifies a mark.
A mark asks for anonymity and breathing room.
If breathed on, thin metal pieces will fog.
Curled lines attract particles and particles have space.
Space can contain violence, force is magnetic.
Magnetism is of the universe.
The universe, seen from the ground, forms constellations.
Constellations have been viewed through eyelashes.
An arm will resume a comfortable position if moved.

Sun You’s recent assemblages start with selection and placement and rely on precarious holds, often through tiny magnets or needles. With each other, these intimate sculptures hang or sit in constellation. Through their shapes and relationship to drawing, they are a pause in process.

Andrew Moeller’s paintings conjure history through architecture and modernity while maintaining the space of painting as contemplative and vernacular. What emerges are quiet, ordered, and paradoxically rich painted surfaces, dissipating their references as they present them.

Each ask for a close viewing, and have a different point for the viewer’s “hello”—the moment of engagement — You’s ring immediately and then complicate; Moeller’s hold at bay and then draw in.

Opening reception: Friday, February 19th 7-10 pm

The show closes on March 21, 2016.

Andrew D. Moeller lives in Brooklyn and received his MFA from the University of Iowa. He has exhibited in various venues including Smack Mellon, Gallery 109, and the Wassaic Project.

Sun You lives in Brooklyn and has exhibited internationally, including Projeckt722 and the Queens Museum. Residencies include Chashama and the Atlantic Center for the Arts. She received her MFA from Wayne State University in Detroit and runs a curatorial project called President Clinton Projects.

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